• Budget Speech for FY 1994/1995 

      The National Treasury (The National Treasury, 1994)
      Speech delivered to the National ·Assembly on 16th June, ~994, by the Hon. W. Musalia Mudavadi, Minister for Finance, Republic of Kenya, presenting the Budget for the Fiscal Year 1994/98 ( 1st July to 30th June).
    • Discussion Paper No. 165 of 2014 on Predictors of Availability of Maternal Health Medicines in Kenya's Health Facilities 

      Muriithi, Grace Njeri (The Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA), 2014)
      This study examines the state of and factors that influence the availability of two maternal health medicines–oxytocin and misoprostol–in Kenya’s health facilities that offer basic emergency obstetric care (BEmOC). These ...
    • Kitui County Annual Development Plan 2020/2021 

      County Government of Kitui (County Government of Kitui, 2019)
      Kitui County is one of the three Kenyan Counties inhabited by the majority Kamba community. The Kamba people were historically long - distance traders. The trade inclination has made the Kambas highly receptive and ...
    • Laikipia County Community Health Strategy 2021–2025. 

      County Government of Laikipia (County Government of Laikipia, 2021)
      Community health is the first level of service delivery within the six-tiered health system. According to the Kenya Community Health Strategy (2021–2025), community health services are provided within a community health ...
    • Meru County Fiscal Strategy Paper 2023 

      County Government of Meru (County Government of Meru, 2023)
      The 2023 Meru County Fiscal Strategy Paper highlights the legal responsibility of the County Government while reviewing the recent economic development in specifying the strategic priorities and policy goals. The paper has ...