Recent Submissions

  • Wajir North District Development Plan 2008-2012 

    Ministry of State for Planning, National Development and Vision 2030 (Government printers, 2009)
    Wajir North district is one of the new districts that were curved out of Wajir District in North Eastern Province. It borders Wajir East to the East, Wajir West to the South, Moyale to the West, Republic of Ethiopia to the ...
  • Wajir District Development-Plan 2002-2008 

    Ministry of Finance and Planning (Government printers, 2002)
    This chapter gives brief background information on the location, administrative and political boundaries, physical features and population distribution. It also gives a brief write up on the pockets of the poor and other ...
  • Wajir District Development Plan 1994 - 1996 

    Rural Planning Department Office of the Vice President and Ministry of Planning and National Development (Government printers, 1994)
    The District Departmental Heads, under the coordination of the District Commissioner and with the assistance of the District Planning Unit, prepared a District Development Plan that was discussed and approved by the District ...