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dc.descriptionThis policy brief is based on KIPPRA Discussion Paper No. 57 of 2006 on Mainstreaming Social Budgeting into the Budgetary Process in Kenya. The study analyses the current MTEF budgetary process in Kenya with the aim of examining the extent to which it addresses the concerns of the social sector.en
dc.description.abstractFor a long time in Kenya, the budget has focused more on achieving macroeconomic targets . Despite being participatory in design, the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) approach implemented since the year 2000 is non-participatory in practice. Most decisions, including prioritisation and allocation of resources, are made at the top with little input from the implementers and beneficiaries. This practice tends to ignore social issues and human development needs. It is, therefore, important to introduce a new initiative that strengthens the existing process by mainstreaming social indicators in budgeting in order to achieve targeted social outcomes.Social budgeting provides such an initiative.en
dc.publisherThe Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysisen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesPolicy brief No.09 of 2006;
dc.subjectBudgetary processen
dc.subjectResource allocationen
dc.subjectSocial budgetingen
dc.subjectInstitutional frameworksen
dc.titlePolicy Brief No. 09 of 2006 on Using Social Budgeting to Improve the Budgetary Process in Kenyaen
dc.typeKIPPRA Publicationsen
ppr.contributor.authorThe Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysisen

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