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dc.description.abstractThe County Budget Review and Outlook Paper (CBROP) 2019 has been prepared in line with section 118 of the Public Finance Management (PFM) Act 2012 which requires the county government to prepare a budget review and outlook paper in respect for each financial year; and submit it to the County Executive Committee by 30th September. The paper reviews fiscal performance of the county for the 2018/19 financial year while comparing it with the budget appropriation. In addition, it provides information on changes in forecasts as indicated in the County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP) 2018; and how actual financial performance for the previous financial year may have affected compliance with the fiscal responsibility principles, or the county financial objectives for that year. It further gives reasons for any deviation from the county financial objectives in the fiscal strategy paper together with proposals to address the deviations. The updated economic and financial outlook presented in this paper will set out the broad fiscal parameters for preparation of the next budget. In particular, the provisional ceilings presented are intended to act as a guide to sector working groups in preparing their budgets. It is therefore my expectation that the policy paper will be useful in enhancing financial discipline and fiscal responsibilities outlined in section 107 of the PFM Act 2012 and thus contribute towards the realization of aspiration of the residents of Lamu county.en
dc.publisherCounty Government of Lamuen
dc.subjectBudget allocationen
dc.subjectBudget Mechanismen
dc.subjectResource Mobilizationen
dc.subjectFiscal policyen
dc.subjectFinancial Managementen
dc.titleLamu County Budget Review and Outlook Paper 2019en
ppr.contributor.authorCounty Government of Lamuen

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