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dc.description.abstractThe Constitution in Article 4(2) provides that the Republic of Kenya shall be a multi-party democratic state founded on the National Values and Principles of Governance. My Government continues to strengthen democracy and requisite institutions. Article 10 (1) binds all State Organs, State Officers, Public Officers and all persons whenever they: Apply or interpret the Constitution; Enact, apply or interpret any law; and or make, or implement public policy decisions. Article 10(2) of the Constitution outlines the National Values and Principles of Governance, which include: Patriotism; national unity; sharing and devolution of power; the rule of law; democracy and participation of the people; human dignity; equity; social justice; inclusiveness; equality; human rights; non-discrimination and protection of the marginalized; good governance; integrity; transparency and accountability; and sustainable development. In fulfilment of Article 132(1)(c)(i) and (ii) the 2016 Annual President’s Report assesses the measures taken and the progress achieved by my Government in the realization of National Values and Principles of Governance and highlights commitments and the way forward towards their promotion.en
dc.publisherThe Executive Office of the Presidenten
dc.relation.ispartofseriesPresidential Report;2017
dc.subjectNational Cohesionen
dc.subjectNational Valuesen
dc.subjectNorms and Beliefsen
dc.subjectNational Valuesen
dc.subjectEqualization Funden
dc.title4th Annual Report 2016 on Measures Taken and Progress Achieved in the Realization of National Values and Principles of Governanceen
dc.typeTechnical Reporten
ppr.contributor.authorThe Executive Office of the Presidenten

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