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dc.description.abstractThe economy of Vihiga County is pre-dominantly agro-based with Agriculture expected to be the primary source of incomes and livelihoods as observed in the CIDP. This Annual Development Plan, (ADP, 2014-15) has been developed to facilitate the implementation of the CIDP. It borrows heavily from theme of the Second Medium Term Plan (MTP II) which is the immediate reference point and strategic guide for the entire Country. The collective synergies of all County Departments in close collaboration with all key stakeholders will therefore be necessary to ensure effective and efficient implementation of the Plan. To achieve the required success of this Plan, clear and achievable targets have been proposed on how to seize the emerging opportunities and also address the expected challenges. It is expected that the envisaged results will be realised by focussing on the strategic areas of food security and infrastructural development. Deliberate efforts to ensure greater private sector participation will be promoted while the County government will strengthen its role of offering regulatory and coordination support. This engagement will be a joint effort that will be driven by the PPPs framework following the launching of the PPP committees by his Excellency the Governor and is expected to yield strong and accountable commitments by all players in development for a common goal in delivering results for the people of Vihiga. This ADP will be refereed along-side the Departmental Strategic Plans to guide the Departments in formulating the appropriate Work Plans. When fully implemented, the County Government is confident that this ADP will pull towards delivering the County’sen
dc.publisherCounty Government of Vihigaen
dc.subjectInfrastructural Developmenten
dc.subjectFood Securityen
dc.subjectPrivate Sector Participationen
dc.subjectDepartmental Strategic Planen
dc.subjectAnnual Development Planen
dc.titleVihiga County Annual Development Plan 2014/2015en
dc.typeDevelopment Planen
ppr.contributor.authorCounty Government of Vihigaen

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