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dc.description.abstractThe Devolution Sector is a crucial component of Kenya's economic growth and the implementation of the government's transformation agenda. Effective implementation of the Constitution and critical devolution laws, as well as other sector-specific laws, are necessary for devolution to work. The Third Medium Term Plan (MTP III) 2018-2022 prioritizes intergovernmental relations, capacity building, and technical support for county governments. Governance, accountability, and conflict resolution are also key concerns. The Sector Plan integrates the priorities of Kenyans raised during county consultation forums and the "Big Four" initiatives. The Government seeks to strengthen devolution by entrenching constitutional and legal provisions and developing mechanisms for the management of concurrent functions. An Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism will be established to manage and resolve intergovernmental disputes. A Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework and systems will be put in place to ensure the successful implementation of the Sector Plan and its activities.en
dc.publisherMinistry of Devolution and ASALSen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesSector Plan;2018
dc.subjectIntergovernmental Relationsen
dc.subjectCounty Development Potentialsen
dc.subjectVision 2030en
dc.subjectSector Planen
dc.titleSector Plan for Devolution 2018en
ppr.contributor.authorMinistry of Devolution and ASALSen

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