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dc.description.abstractThis circular provides guidelines on the terms and conditions of service for various positions within state corporations, including Chief Executive Officers, Chairmen, Board Members, Management Staff, and Unionisable Staff. It outlines the recommended standards and provisions to ensure fair and consistent treatment of personnel across state corporations. The circular addresses matters such as remuneration, benefits, performance evaluation, disciplinary procedures, and grievance mechanisms. It emphasizes the importance of adhering to these guidelines to promote transparency, accountability, and harmonious working relationships within state corporations.en
dc.publisherState Corporations Advisory Committeeen
dc.subjectService State Corporationsen
dc.subjectRemuneration and Benefitsen
dc.subjectPerfomance Evaluationen
dc.subjectDisciplinary Proceduresen
dc.titleCircular on guidelines on terms and conditions of service for State Corporations,Chief Executive Officers,Chairmen and Board Members,Management Staff and Unionisable Staffen
ppr.contributor.authorState Corporations Advisory Committeeen

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