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dc.description.abstractThe Machakos District Development Plan is a comprehensive blueprint that outlines the strategic objectives, priorities, and actions to drive the sustainable development and growth of the Machakos District. This plan aims to address key challenges, leverage opportunities, and improve the quality of life for the residents of the district. It focuses on various sectors such as infrastructure, education, healthcare, agriculture, and tourism, with a strong emphasis on promoting economic prosperity, social equity, and environmental sustainability. The Machakos District Development Plan is designed to guide policymakers, government agencies, and stakeholders in making informed decisions and implementing targeted interventions for the overall development of the district.en
dc.publisherGovernment Printersen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesDevelopment Plan;2008-2012
dc.subjectSustainable Developmenten
dc.subjectEconomic Prosperityen
dc.subjectInclusive Growthen
dc.subjectFiscal Policyen
dc.titleMachakos District Development Plan 2008-2012en
dc.typeDevelopment Planen
ppr.contributor.authorMinistry of State for Planning, National Development and Vision 2030en

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