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dc.description.abstractThe Circular on Mandatory Reporting of the Procurement Process provides guidelines and instructions for the mandatory reporting of procurement activities within an organization. This circular aims to enhance transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the procurement process by establishing a framework for mandatory reporting. It outlines the reporting requirements, including the types of information to be reported, reporting frequency, and responsible parties. The circular emphasizes the importance of accurate and timely reporting to facilitate oversight, monitoring, and evaluation of procurement activities. It further emphasizes the role of reporting in promoting fair competition, reducing corruption risks, and ensuring compliance with procurement regulations.en
dc.publisherPublic Service Commissionen
dc.subjectMandatory Reportingen
dc.subjectProcurement Processen
dc.subjectMonitoring and Evaluationen
dc.titleCircular on Mandatory Reporting of the Procurement Processen
ppr.contributor.authorPublic Service Commissionen

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