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dc.description.abstractThe Programme-Based MTEF Budget Estimates (PBB estimates) for Financial year 2023/24-2025/26 are presented to give budgetary effect to Bomet County’s 2023-2027 County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) and the 2023/24 County Annual Development Plan (ADP) that reflects the CIDP’s first year priorities. The estimates are further guided by the sectoral/departmental priorities, programs and resource ceilings reflected in the approved County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP) for FY2023/2024. These budget estimates prioritize projects started in previous financial years and submissions from public participation. The successful implementation of these set interventions will go a long way in achieving the desired social economic transformation of the County. The County Treasury will continue to enforce its mandate as spelt out in section 104 of the PFM Act, 2012, to ensure proper utilization of public finances. The aim of using the Programme based approach in budgeting includes; (i.) To enhance programme outcomes through an accountability framework; (ii.) To make the use of budget resources more transparent by use of performance information to set targets and priorities by departments; (iii.) To ensure allocation of funds in the budget is linked to achievement of the county’s development aspirations in an effective and efficient manner; (iv.) Gives decision makers a clearer understanding of the relationship among policies, programs, resources and results; (v.) Linking resource allocation to proposed development interventions as captured in the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP 2023-2027) and actual results; Performance information is a critical factor in successful programme budgeting and requires continuous refinement.en
dc.publisherCounty Government of Bometen
dc.subjectBudget Frameworken
dc.subjectBudget Allocationen
dc.subjectRevenue Collectionen
dc.subjectExpenditure Frameworken
dc.subjectResource Mobilizationen
dc.titleBomet County Programme Based Budget 2023/2024-2025/2026en
ppr.contributor.authorCounty Government of Bometen

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