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dc.description.abstractIn accordance with the provisions of Article 220 of the Constitution and Sections 35(e) and 36 of the Public Finance Management Act, 2012, the budgetmaking process for a given financial year is expected to commence not later than 30th August of the preceding financial year. The Act requires the Cabinet Secretary/National Treasury and Economic Planning to issue a Circular outlining the guidelines to be followed by all National Government entities on the budget process, not later than the 30th of August each year. In this regard, the National Treasury and Economic Planning hereby issues guidelines for the preparation of the FY 2024/25 and the Medium-Term Budget.en
dc.publisherThe National Treasury and Economic Planningen
dc.subjectMedium-Term Planen
dc.subjectPublic Finance Managementen
dc.subjectGovernment Entitiesen
dc.subjectBudget Making Processen
dc.subjectInstitutional Frameworken
dc.titleCircular on Guidelines for the Preparation of FY 2024/2025 and the Medium-Term Budgeten
ppr.contributor.authorThe National Treasury and Economic Planningen

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