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dc.description.abstractThis document outlines Kenya’s Foreign Policy as it has evolved since independence in 1963. It underscores the underlying philosophy and values, main sources and influences, guiding principles, objectives and core priorities, strategies and the implementation framework Kenya’s Foreign Policy is driven by a Vision of ‘A peaceful, prosperous and globally competitive Kenya’ while the Mission is “To project, promote and protect Kenya’s interests and image globally through innovative diplomacy, and contribute towards a just, peaceful and equitable world.” The policy is driven by national values and aspirations of the Kenyan people as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya. Other sources informing. Kenya’s Foreign Policy include the Kenya Vision 2030 and its Medium-Term Plans, Sessional Papers, Manifestos of the ruling political parties; Executive pronouncements and Circulars, among others. Kenya’s Foreign Policy aims to achieve several national objectives, inter alia to: Protect Kenya’s sovereignty and territorial integrity; Promote integration; Enhance regional peace and security; Advance the economic prosperity of Kenya and her people; Project Kenya’s image and prestige; Promote multilateralism; Promote the interests of Kenyan Diaspora and partnership with the Kenyans abroad. Kenya’s foreign policy is anchored on five interlinked pillars that characterize her bilateral and multilateral engagement. These pillars are Peace, Economic, Diaspora, Environmental and Cultural.en_US
dc.publisherRepublic of Kenyaen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesPolicy Paper;2014
dc.subjectPeace Diplomacyen_US
dc.subjectBilateral relationsen_US
dc.subjectPublic Diplomacyen_US
dc.subjectRegional Integrationen_US
dc.titleKenya Foreign Policy 2014en_US
dc.typePolicy Paperen_US
ppr.contributor.authorRepublic of Kenyaen_US

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