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dc.description.abstractThe post-war development of Civil Aviation has entailed the provision of, not only aerodromes and aerodrome facilities, but such ground-services as air traffic control, aeradio, meteorological information, etc. The question of how these services should be financed in Colonial territories soon arose and, after a Colonial Civil Aviation Conference in London in 1947, the Secretary of State commended the following formula to Colonial administrations…en_US
dc.publisherColony and Protectorate of Kenya
dc.relation.ispartofseriesSessional Paper;1953;
dc.subjectSessional Paperen_US
dc.subjectCivil Aviationen_US
dc.subjectGround Servicesen_US
dc.subjectLegislative Councilen_US
dc.titleSession Paper No: 145 of 1953 on Civil Aviation: Expenditure on Ground Services.en_US
dc.typeSessional Paperen_US
ppr.contributor.authorColony and Protectorate of Kenya Legislative Councilen_US

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