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dc.description.abstractThis Fiscal Strategy Paper is of its kind for Homa Bay County since the inception of the County Government. The paper entails: An assessment of the current state of the economy and the financial outlook over the medium term, including macro-economic forecasts; A statement of fiscal risks outlining the potential policy decisions and key areas of uncertainty that may have material effect on the fiscal outlook; The proposed expenditure ceilings for the county government entities; A statement of any potential deviation from the ceilings specified in the fiscal framework; The fiscal responsibility principles set out in section 107 of the PFM Act and the PFM Regulations no. 25; A fiscal framework consisting of updated forecasts of revenue and expenditure, capital improvement, overall balance and the primary balance position, level of the county public debt as well as sensitivity analysis of likely changes in the economic fundamentals and, any other information considered material to the fiscal strategy; An explanation of the fiscal policies in relation to the fiscal responsibility principles and any temporary measures implemented to ensure compliance, if necessary; An analysis and explanation of policies for revenue mobilization; expenditure prioritization, justification and limits implied by law as well as deficits and debts; and finally, An analysis of the consistency of the updated fiscal strategies with the previous fiscal strategies and an explanation of significant changesen_US
dc.publisherCounty Government of Homa Bayen_US
dc.subjectEconomic Developmenten_US
dc.subjectFiscal Performanceen_US
dc.subjectEconomic Developmenten_US
dc.subjectBudget Frameworken_US
dc.subjectDevelopment Expenditureen_US
dc.subjectEconomic Planningen_US
dc.titleHoma Bay County Fiscal Strategy Paper 2019en_US
dc.typeStrategy Paperen_US
ppr.contributor.authorCounty Government of Homa Bayen_US

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