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dc.description.abstractThe Financial Year 2019/2020 was a unique year, characterized by tough health challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which in turn led to diminishing fortunes economically. The content of this BROP is evident enough that the consequence of the pandemic had far reaching impacts, not only to the household level where individuals suffered economically for basic needs, but also to the county government which could not meet its revenue targets and also implementation of the budget. Nairobi County Economy operates within the global and domestic economy; thus the effect of the pandemic is foreseen to hinder us in the medium term. The second phase of the implementation of the FY 2019/2020 budget was not successful as envisaged, and achievement of county development targets was largely hampered. Revenue targets fell short in the financial year with only Ksh. 20.69 of the Ksh. 34.24 being actualized. Own source revenue remained the key contributor to this shortfall, achieving only 49.7% of the target. Budget absorption was also low, largely due to the reduced government activities, with budget commitment being at Ksh 23.35Billion out of the targeted Ksh.36.98B. Absorption of development expenditure remained low despite over 30% of the approved 2019/2020 budget being assigned for development. Only Ksh. 1.98B, which translates to 8% of actual expenditure, was utilized for development. The County Government, however, remain resolute to increase spending towards development, in order to achieve the development targets as espoused in the CIDP 2018-2022. Further, the county remains committed to ensuring prudent management of public resources and operating within the fiscal responsibility principles stated in the Public Finance Management regulations. This CBROP remains significant in reviewing our previous performance, as well as shape our fiscal outlook in the medium term by providing provisional sector ceilings. It is my hope and plea that all actors in the NCC join together, to ensure the grim picture portrayed here in is halted and reversed...en_US
dc.publisherCounty Government of Nairobien_US
dc.subjectEconomic Developmenten_US
dc.subjectFinancial Planningen_US
dc.subjectMacroeconomic Environmenten_US
dc.subjectSustainable Developmenten_US
dc.subjectBudget Frameworken_US
dc.titleNairobi County Integrated Development Plan 2018-2022en_US
dc.typeDevelopment Planen_US
ppr.contributor.authorCounty Government of Nairobien_US

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