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dc.description.abstractChina is a fast-growing world economy that has overtaken the United States of America. Africa has for a long time relied on donor funding and grants from Bretton woods institutions and Western countries to fund its development programs. However, with most African countries having been independent for over fifty years not much can be seen or written about on the benefits of the partnership between Africa and the West. Many African countries have now coined the term “Looking East” literally translated to mean partnership with China to fund development programs. China has been welcomed in many African states as a partner in development. The foray of China and Chinese companies in Africa has unsettled the West since its dominance in Africa is under threat. This partnership between China and Africa is more pragmatic now with many Chinese companies doing business in Africa. The Chinese government has been offering scholarships for Africans to study in China and also giving bilateral support in areas like medical teams and kits notably the peace keeping mission in Darfur, Sudan and the global war on Ebola in West Africa. This paper discusses four critical pillars namely: Political leadership, Social cohesion, Agricultural cooperation and Economical use of foreign aid that are relevant to Africa. In these three areas, lessons from China will be addressed and to see how they can be into the African context. Most African Countries are faced by political instability, hunger, social unrest, malnutrition among the citizens and poor governance. China has never received any food donations from World Food Program neither has it had a case of a leader overstaying in office beyond his/her term. This stability and strong governance structures is what Africa needs. Are there lessons that can be drawn from China?en
dc.publisherScholars Citech Research Organizationen
dc.subjectDevelopment partnerships;en
dc.subjectDonor funding.en
dc.subjectPolitical Leadership
dc.subjectDevelopment Programmes
dc.titleAfrica's Development Metamorphosis: Lessons from Chinaen
dc.typeJournal Articleen
ppr.contributor.authorKivoi, Douglas L.

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