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dc.description.abstractGlobal information and communication technology (ICT) growth has transformed how individuals, businesses, and governments produce and receive information. Adoption of ICT into everyday life is widespread in Kenya. The Government of Kenya is proud of this development and is actively encouraging its continued growth through national initiatives such as Kenya’s Vision 2030, ICT Master Plan, and the recent deployment of nationwide fiber-optic network infrastructure. Such efforts provide a dramatic increase in interconnectivity among businesses and individuals throughout Kenya. Kenyan public and private sector organizations are now using this increased bandwidth and ICT capabilities to efficiently deliver services, conduct business transactions, and share information across organizational, social, and geographic boundaries. As Kenya matures into an information society the nation faces an increasingly evolving cyber threat landscape. Nation states, criminal organizations, and hacktivists from all over the world are—and will continue—to exploit ICT vulnerabilities in Kenya. This is simply a reality that every nation with robust ICT infrastructure faces. While these actors seek to illicitly access, alter, disrupt, or destroy sensitive personal, business, and government information, we are working diligently to evolve our means of protecting information in order to counter today’s threats as well as those coming from over the horizon.en
dc.publisherGovernment of Kenyaen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesStrategy Paper;2014
dc.subjectcyber Spaceen
dc.subjectCyber Attacksen
dc.subjectInformation Communication Technologyen
dc.titleCybersecurity Strategy 2014en
dc.typeStrategy Paperen
ppr.contributor.authorGovernment of Kenyaen

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