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dc.description.abstractIt has come to the attention of this Commission that a number of health workers employed/absorbed by the County Public Service Boards of County Governments are not receiving the requisite allowances which are enjoyed by health workers in the National Government. This has been found to be discriminatory and a source of demotivation to the affected workers. In view of the above and for purposes of transparency and equity it has been decided that health workers at the Counties be eligible for the following allowancesen
dc.publisherSalaries & Remuneration Commissionen
dc.subjectEmergency Call Allowanceen
dc.subjectExtraneous Allowanceen
dc.subjectHealth Risk Allowanceen
dc.subjectNon - Practicing Allowanceen
dc.subjectUniform Allowanceen
dc.titleCirculars on Health Workers Allowances, 2015en
ppr.contributor.authorSalaries & Remuneration Commissionen

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