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dc.description.abstractWe come together on this 59th Jamhuri Day to celebrate our freedom. It is the first national day celebration dedicated to a theme that is relevant to our national aspirations. Our futuristic theme today revolves around Technology and Innovation. The promise of innovation is to enable us connect, innovate and inspire. As we enter the sixth decade of independence, we can proudly cite many achievements and impressive progress made through our own consistent efforts as evidence that our freedom struggle was neither an empty political adventure nor a reaction born of idle resentment. We gather as a nation to commune with our forefathers, who were long suffering innocent victims of imperial plunder and colonial oppression, yet also heroic defenders of our inalienable sovereignty and valiant fighters for our freedom. On Jamhuri Day, we celebrate the moment when Kenya proclaimed itself a free democratic republic. It is also a time to reflect deeply on the founding aspirations of our nation.en
dc.publisherExecutive Office of the Presidenten
dc.subjectNational Cohesionen
dc.subjectSelf Independenceen
dc.subjectPolitical Unitsen
dc.subjectNational Unityen
dc.titleSpeech by His Excellency President William Samoei Ruto, Phd., C.G.H on Jamhuri Day December 12, 2022en
ppr.contributor.authorExecutive Office of the Presidenten

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