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dc.description.abstractThe Education and Training Sector Gender Policy discusses the importance of education as a fundamental human right for individual, social, and national development. The Education Sector Gender Policy is designed to ensure equal rights to education for both genders and promote gender equity and equality in the Education Sector. The policy advocates for more equal participation between men and women, girls and boys and acknowledges that gender should not be used to determine access to education and educational outcomes. Although Kenya has made significant strides in achieving equal access to education for both genders, there are still challenges that need to be addressed. Therefore, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has undertaken a review of the Gender in Education Policy to incorporate emerging issues that have implications on gender equity and equality in the Education Sector. This policy framework aims to guide the sector towards achieving gender equality and reduce gender gaps in education.en
dc.publisherMinistry of Education, Science and Technologyen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesPolicy Paper;2015
dc.subjectGender Disparitiesen
dc.subjectGender Based Violenceen
dc.subjectGender Policyen
dc.subjectGovernment Interventions in Educationen
dc.titleEducation and Training Sector Gender Policyen
dc.typePolicy Paperen
ppr.contributor.authorMinistry of Education, Science and Technologyen

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