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dc.description.abstractThe District Development Plan, focused on "Rapid Industrialization for Sustainable Development," was prepared by District Departmental Heads from various ministries under the coordination of the District Commissioner, with assistance from the District Planning Unit. The plan drafts underwent discussions within the District Executive Committee and were approved by the District Development Committee. The Rural Planning Department of the Office of the Vice President and Ministry of Planning and National Development provided overall guidance, including seminars and formulation of guidelines, as well as responsibilities for editing and publication. The plan is structured into three chapters: Chapter One provides background information on the district's natural and human resource base, resource exploitation levels, welfare indicators, and socioeconomic infrastructure. Chapter Two outlines the major constraints to industrialization and strategies to achieve rapid industrialization. Chapter Three lists the prioritized major projects and programs for each sector during the 1997-2001 plan period, as determined by the District Development Committee.en
dc.publisherGovernment Printersen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesDistrict Development Plan;1997-2001
dc.subjectRapid Industrializationen
dc.subjectSustainable Developmenten
dc.subjectResource Exploitationen
dc.subjectPrioritized Projectsen
dc.subjectResource Potentialen
dc.titleKuria District Development Plan 1997-2001en
dc.typeDevelopment Planen
ppr.contributor.authorMinistry of Planning and National Development.en

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