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dc.description.abstractThe Fifteenth (15th) Presidential Address on Corona Virus Pandemic Guidelines to the Public Service, delivered on 22nd April 2021, provides an overview of the ongoing efforts and guidelines in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. This address emphasizes the importance of collective responsibility, adherence to public health measures, and the role of the public service in mitigating the spread of the virus.It highlights key strategies, including vaccination campaigns, testing protocols, and the promotion of digital solutions for contact tracing and monitoring. Furthermore, it emphasizes the need for continued vigilance, cooperation, and solidarity in navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic.en
dc.publisherPublic Service Commissionen
dc.subjectPresidential Addressen
dc.subjectCorona Virus Pandemicen
dc.subjectDigital Solutionsen
dc.subjectContact Tracingen
dc.subjectVaccination Campaignsen
dc.titleCircular on The Fifteenth (15th )Presidential Address on Corona Virus Pandemic Guidelines to the Public Service 2021en
ppr.contributor.authorPublic Service Commissionen

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