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dc.description.abstractThe Circular issued by the Public Service Commission (PSC) provides comprehensive guidelines for the development and review of Human Resource Management (HRM) instruments in State Corporations. These guidelines aim to ensure that HRM practices in State Corporations align with best practices, promote efficiency, fairness, and transparency, and contribute to the overall organizational performance. The Circular outlines the key components and considerations in developing HRM instruments, including job descriptions, performance management frameworks, remuneration structures, and employee development plans. It emphasizes the importance of stakeholder engagement, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and the need for periodic reviews and updates to HRM instruments to accommodate changing organizational needs and external factors.en
dc.publisherPublic Service Commissionen
dc.subjectHuman Resource Managementen
dc.subjectState Corporationsen
dc.subjectOrganizational Performanceen
dc.subjectHRM Instrumentsen
dc.subjectRemuneration Structuresen
dc.titleCircular on Guidelines for Development and review of Human Resource Management Instruments in State Corporationsen
ppr.contributor.authorPublic Service Commissionen

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