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dc.description.abstractThe Circular on Management of Promotional Examination in the Public Service provides guidelines and procedures for the effective management of promotional examinations within the public service. This circular aims to ensure fairness, transparency, and merit-based promotions by establishing a standardized and well-structured examination process. It outlines the key steps involved in managing promotional examinations, including examination design, candidate eligibility, examination administration, evaluation, and result publication. The circular emphasizes the importance of maintaining confidentiality, avoiding bias, and providing equal opportunities for all eligible candidates. It also highlights the need for regular review and improvement of the promotional examination system.en
dc.publisherPublic Service Commissionen
dc.subjectPromotional Examinationen
dc.subjectPublic Serviceen
dc.subjectMerit-based Promotionen
dc.titleCircular on Management of Promotional Examination in the Public Service 2022en
ppr.contributor.authorPublic Service Commissionen

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