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dc.description.abstractThe 2023 CBROP highlights the total amount of revenue collected against projected amount in the year under review. the paper gives an overview about how the actual expenditure performance of FY 2022/2023 has affected the financial objectives detailed in the County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP) 2022. the paper is prepared at a time when the Kenyan economy is recovering from a recession that had been triggered by inadequate rainfall for a couple of years, world economic and financial crisis due to war in Ukraine and Russia. the price of basic commodities has remained high hence diminishing the purchasing power of people. the international trade has equally been affected due to high exchange rate due to depreciation in value for the Kenyan currency driving to huge deficit in balance of payment. The development of this paper has been aligned to the Bottom-Up Economic transformation agenda in key priority areas of agriculture, MSMEs, affordable housing, Digital and creative economy and health to stimulating the growth of county economy and building resilience amongst the households. the Paper is aligned to the CIDP 2023-2027 with a focus on key areas; water and sanitation, agriculture, food security, health and well-being, trade and industrialization. the Makueni County ADP 2024/2024 will guide the priorities to be considered to prepare budget for FY 2024/2025.en
dc.publisherCounty Government of Makuenien
dc.subjectRevenue Collectionen
dc.subjectResource Mobilizationen
dc.subjectBudget Frameworken
dc.subjectInvestment Managementen
dc.subjectResource Allocationen
dc.titleMakueni County Budget Review and Outlook Paper 2023en
ppr.contributor.authorCounty Government of Makuenien

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