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dc.description.abstractThe National Reproductive Health policy 2022-2032 has been developed through a consultative process involving multiple stakeholders to ensure the involvement of all Kenyans in matters of reproductive health within the socio-cultural context of Kenya. Optimal reproductive health is considered critical to national development, and this policy seeks to ensure that no Kenyan is left behind in matters of reproductive health. The policy is anchored on personal liberty prioritized for resource allocation and seeks to consolidate previous gains while addressing emerging gaps in reproductive health. Despite progress made in reducing premature mortality and unmet needs for family planning, there is a need to reduce maternal mortality and address reproductive health challenges among adolescents and young people. The policy incorporates various policy typologies and is informed by the Kenyan Constitution, previous policies, global commitments, and research on best practices in reproductive health. The policy addresses reproductive health issues across different life course cohorts, including pregnancy and newborns, childhood, adolescence, early youth, adulthood, and the elderly.en
dc.publisherMinistry of Healthen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesPolicy Paper;2022
dc.subjectReproductive Healthen
dc.subjectUniversal Health Coverageen
dc.subjectSustainable Development Goalsen
dc.subjectReproductive Health Rightsen
dc.subjectReproductive Health Outcomesen
dc.titleThe National Reproductive Health Policy 2022-2032en
dc.typePolicy Paperen
ppr.contributor.authorMinistry of Healthen

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