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dc.description.abstractThe Circular on Guidelines for the preparation of the Financial Year 2022-23 Medium Term Budget provides a comprehensive framework for budget planning and preparation for the specified period. This circular aims to ensure effective financial management and accountability by providing guidelines and instructions to government entities and departments in formulating their medium-term budgets. It outlines key considerations such as revenue projections, expenditure allocations, budgetary constraints, and performance targets. The circular emphasizes the importance of aligning budget priorities with government policies and objectives, promoting fiscal discipline, and optimizing resource allocation for sustainable development and service delivery.en
dc.publisherThe National Treasury and Economic Planningen
dc.subjectFinancial Year 2022-23en
dc.subjectMedium-Term Budgeten
dc.subjectBudget Preparationen
dc.subjectResource Allocationen
dc.subjectPerformance Targetsen
dc.titleCircular on Guidelines for preparation of the Financial Year 2022-23 Medium term Budgeten
ppr.contributor.authorThe National Treasury and Economic Planningen

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